BEGINNERS SERIES – LESSON 2: Basic Right and Left Hand Technique

Here is the 2nd of the 5 videos for beginners! The next video will be availble on 16th September at 6pm and will be on ‘Learning The Fretboard’. Enjoy!

BEGINNERS SERIES – LESSON 1: Warm Ups and the Major Scale.

Here is the first of the 5 videos! Sorry for the delay! Here is the transcription of the scale and exercises.
untitled – Full Score
Please do let me know if you have any questions via direct message!
Next video will be loaded up on 9th September at 6pm and will be on ‘BASIC TECHNIQUE’ Enjoy!

Challenge Yourself

Sometimes it’s great to set yourself a challenge and put yourself out of your comfort zone as it can result in more creative thought and playing and also show you areas that need work.

So I decided to challenge myself not to practice to any tracks at all this week. I did this so I can improve how I’m ‘making the changes’ and also work on my phrasing. It also forced me to use more chords during my soloing.

Challenge yourself this week. It could be something as simple as “I’m going to use strictly alternate picking” “soloing on two strings” or “I’m going to solo only using notes within the first five frets”.

Have a go and let me know your progress or ask for any help with problems you run via direct messaging here or on my Facebook page.

Touring With Joss Stone

Last week I went to Switzerland, Bulgaria and Serbia with Joss Stone on a short tour. Here is my solo from Serbia on ‘I Put A Spell On You’ which she recoreded with Jeff Beck.


A great way to start a piece of any genre is with a cadenza. This can be done in many ways but I like the Chris Potter/Pat Metheny outside –> inside approach. Basically going harmonicaly around the houses to reach your home key. Here is an example of a cadenza for a piece in D. This is taken from Chris Potter’s ‘Children Go’ from his album ‘Travelling Mercies’.

Making The Blues More Spicy!

Here is a neat little approach to playing a blues. BB King sometimes used this chord sequence as a turnaround as a variation from the usual V – IV – I – V sequence.

Try using some more interesting chords to practicing soloing over

Guitar Tip Of The Week #9: Try using some more interesting chords to practicing soloing over. The chords here are from a backing track and read as follows: F13sus4 – D13sus4 – Ab13#11 – G/A. I’m mostly using Mixolydian scales and then Ab Lydian dominant over the Ab13#11 chord. I’m happy to give a transcription of what I’m playing to anyone who wants it!

Making warm ups more interesting!

One of the most important parts of your practice schedule is the warm up. This not only prepares you technically and physically but also helps you to retain scalic or theoretical knowledge you have learnt so you can use it in solos later on. Running scales up and down can be boring through. So here I’ve used all five positions of the minor pentatonic scale in the CAGED system and I have used legato techniques and string skipping to move between them. And to finish it off I’m displacing the beat by a semi quaver. This kind of approach is not only useful in warm ups but also in solos. Have a go at one of all of the ideas in this video!

Playing over blues changes

Try playing over changes (doesn’t have to be a blues like in the video) but without backing. It will help you to spell out the changes and be more melodic.

This applies to ALL genres!

Playing in the style of?

This week I’ve been working on licks in the style of Mike Stern. My tip for you this week is to look at playing in the style of a certain player. This will help you understand how they work not only theoretically but also practically too.

This one is a blues in the style of Mike Stern complete with reverb and chorus! Have fun!

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